Introducing the world’s first fully compliant, zero manual entry,
Next Generation electronic plotting solution for aviation

A complete solution for international operators

plotNG works in conjunction with the industry's most popular EFB applications, and ForeFlight. Our objectives are to reduce errors due to manual entry and to eliminate crew tasks during high-workload phases of flight, while simultaneously enhancing Situational Awareness.

Built by pilots, for pilots

plotNG was designed and built by pilots who are active in the aviation community. Every detail of plotNG's design has been honed by an extensive testing period in which international flight crews used and provided feedback on the product. plotNG's development remains an evolutionary process.

Works with all major international trip planning providers

Simply forward the email containing your international flight plan to plotNG. Our secure server will immediately deliver a complete Custom Content pack for ForeFlight. Supported providers include ARINCDirect, Universal Weather and Aviation, Colt, ITPS, Signum, Honeywell GDC, WorldFuel Services, Jetex, Jeppesen, UAS, and more.

ETPs like you've never seen them before

ETPs are color-coded and include accurate vectors toward the alternate airports designated in the imported flight plan. Crews can simply tap the ETP icon for associated information, such as distance, required fuel burn, and Flight Level to the alternate. In contingency situations, crew SA is greatly improved.

10 minute checks have never been easier

plotNG calculates the proper location at which 10 minute checks should be recorded. Utilizing the chart markup feature and a stylus, simply cross-check the EFB's GPS source (if available) against the aircraft FMS position sensors and mark up the moving map display in real-time. This also represents an improvement in accuracy, reducing the opportunity for a GNE.

Tracks, the way professional flight crews want them

Worldwide tracks, both East and West, are automatically generated for every plot. The TMI is associated with each track letter and the associated altitudes are depicted in an easy to read format (including 'nil' altitudes). And since they're generated with the plot, the tracks will remain associated with the plot for record keeping purposes. The track layers can be viewed with any map layer present, including Jeppesen charts.

Rethinking alternates

Alternate airports are highlighted with color-coded rings based on their associated ETPs. A green, blue and red ring indicates that the alternate is designated for 1E-Inop, depress, and cruise/medical contingencies. Black is used for PNR/PSR. This graphical representation is another way plotNG simplifies the decision-making process for crews in contingency situations.

Compliance first

plotNG's core design concept is based around compliance. These features include Magnetic Course and Route Validation based on the WGS84 reference ellipsoid and the WMM2015v2 epoch, NAT Contingency layer for fast crew access and worldwide tracks which remain linked to the imported flight plan.

Robust administration features

Individual users and flight department managers can administer plotNG from any desktop, laptop or tablet computer. Add or remove aircraft or pilots; review tripkit history; contact support; and more.

What they're saying about plotNG...

I had the opportunity to work with a preview version of plotNG on a recent NAT crossing and have to say I’m very impressed. The plotting chart was much better than any paper plot I’ve ever created. Plotting on the iPad is much easier and more accurate than plotting with paper.

Importing the route, ETPs and NAT Tracks into ForeFlight is a game changer... just awesome.

I look forward to seeing how the product develops and eagerly await its release.

Ed Lemelin, G550/450/V Captain

My cockpit has been 'paperless' for a few years now and the transition from 'trees' to 'electrons' has been fairly easy except for the tasks associated with a plotting chart.

We had been on the hunt for something that does a better job of providing magnetic courses and distances to back up the FMS and master document.

The addition of plotNG has turned ForeFlight into an ideal way to accomplish all of your plotting chores with less effort and greater accuracy.

James Albright, G450 Captain and Aviation Author (Code 7700)

plotNG is the plotting solution you’ve been waiting for! Whether you are new to oceanic operations or have been criss-crossing oceans for years you will find plotNG a breath of fresh air! plotNG is intuitive, innovative, and accurate. I’m betting your first words will be the same as mine: Wow! Finally!

Steve Foltz, G450 Captain

plotNG is truly Next Generation electronic plotting.

It is a major time saver, and with functionality not seen anywhere else, it will quickly become indispensable for weekly, monthly, or yearly crossings.

plotNG. It just works!

For a quick overview of plotNG, click anywhere on the video to begin playing. Or, view our webinar to learn more about plotNG's features.

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Built by pilots, for pilots.
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