Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. Please take a moment to browse this section before inquiring via email. Most common questions are answered here. Thank you for your interest in plotNG, Next Generation Electronic Plotting for Aviation.

How does plotNG "auto import" flight plans?

Our proprietary software reads all of the pertinent information from your international flight plan, including:

  • Trip recall number (if provided)
  • Tail number
  • Filed date and time of departure
  • Filed route
  • Planned Altitude
  • Planned Mach number or airspeed
  • Equal Time Points, including all associated data (distance, fuel burn, time, planned altitude for divert)
  • Point of Safe Return
  • Alternate Airports
  • and, more...

Crews simply forward the flight plan package from their international trip planning provider via email to the plotNG server. Within seconds, plotNG generates a complete "tripkit" containing custom content for ForeFlight, worldwide tracks, contingency procedures, independent course and route validation, and other documents which may be imported into the user's EFB application of choice upon time of delivery.

Does plotNG work with Android devices?

No. At present, plotNG works in conjunction with ForeFlight on iOS (Apple iPhone and iPad) devices only.

Which international trip planning provider flight plans can be used with plotNG?

The list is expanding all the time, but presently includes:

  • ARINCDirect
  • Universal
  • Honeywell GDC
  • Colt
  • ITPS
  • Signum
  • WorldFuel Services
  • Jetex
  • Jeppesen
  • UAS

I thought you said plotNG supports unlimited pilots?

To guard against abuse, plotNG allows up to 150 pilots and up to 50 aircraft. These limits can be increased by simply contacting support and telling us what you need.

Why is my account disabled?

To guard against abuse, plotNG validates your TripKits against your account settings. If you send more than three sequential invalid requests, plotNG will disable your account. The email address you use to send your TripKit to plotNG must match your plotNG username, and the aircraft registration number in your TripKit must match one of the aircraft you configured in your plotNG account. Should you encounter this safe-guard, please contact support for assistance.

Does plotNG work with Jepp Mobile FD?

No. plotNG works only in conjunction with ForeFlight.

Are there different subscription options for individual users and flight departments?

Nope. We've got your back, and we're keeping it simple! plotNG is designed to support individual users as well as flight departments. Any account manager can register as few as one pilot and one aircraft to as many as an unlimited number of pilots and an unlimited number of aircraft. Whether you're a single pilot or a flight department, you'll have access to all of plotNG's features.

Is this a legal way to plot?

Yes. plotNG was designed for compliance from the very beginning of the development process.

What about record keeping requirements?

plotNG is here to help, not get in your way. The TripKit that plotNG generates contains all of your pre-flight data, including your route with crossing restrictions, worldwide Oceanic Track Systems, ETPs, diversion airports, independent route validation, and your original flight plan. If you view your TripKit at a later date, you'll see all of the flight data exactly as it appeared on the day of your trip, including the oceanic tracks. You can use plotNG's built-in archive capability to automatically send a special copy of your TripKit to a dedicated email address.

After your flight is complete, you'll need to save your Master Document and GNE checks. You can use our sample iOS shortcuts to combine all your screenshots into a single PDF and send them via text, email, airdrop, cloud storage, or save them locally in iOS Files or even on a USB flash drive. You can drag-and-drop your crossing documents directly into Dropbox or Google Drive. You can save your GNE screenshots in your ForeFlight logbook. You can use ForeFlight's Files in Flight. Your options are limited only by your imagination. You can now easily archive all of your crossing documents securely and privately, and for as long as you like!

What about privacy and security?

We are mindful of who our users are and the nature of the data they share with us. For this reason, we decided from the outset that plotNG will not store your data or plotNG's calculated results for later retrieval. This is the simple version of the answer. For a more complete explanation, please read our privacy statement.

I expected my TripKit sent as an email attachment, instead I received it as a weblink. What gives?

Our email servers allow up 25Mb of attachments per message. If the combined size of your flight plan PDF and our generated TripKit exceed this limit, plotNG will override your settings and send you a weblink.

My aircraft is equipped with WIFI, I received an in-flight re-route, I sent plotNG my new flight plan. Why did plotNG send me the same TripKit?

When your provider sends you your new flight plan they may have only updated the human readable tabular flight plan, but not the ICAO flight plan. plotNG requires all of the data in your provider's flight plan PDF to be updated with consistent information.

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